Which Apple Phones are the Top Choice in Today’s Market?

Which Apple Phones are the Top Choice in Today’s Market?

Today’s tech market is almost like an Apple dominated market as everyone seems to be interested in getting one of the latest Apple phones.

From the feedback of many phone lovers and users on ReviewsBird.com, Apple is generally known for the attention it pays to details when designing a form and that is why many of its products come with great specifications and features that makes it a valued possession by users.

Reading through latest iPhone reviews, you will discover that there are some basic features users look out for when getting an Apple phone. In line with these features, we have decided to examine some of Apple phones top choices in the market today.

iPhone 12 Pro

Weighing about 189g, iPhone 12 Pro is one of the most expensive phones in the market today. This phone stands out from other phones and has become one of the top choices in the market because of the unique features it possesses and the fact that is the latest release of the well-established Apple brand. The internals, specifications, and camera quality are better than those offered by the iPhone 12 and the mini version of it. It also comes with a sensor in the form of a LiDAR scanner that makes it possible for the phone to detect faces even in areas with poor lighting conditions.

iPhone 12

Asides from being one of Apple’s latest releases, the iPhone 12 is one phone that offers the best value for the price that it is being offered. It comes as a very light weight phone at about 164g and has an operating system of iOS 14.  It comes with various storage capacities ranging from 64 GB to 256 GB. It is said to be highly future-proof with 5G connection. While buyers may have to prepare a huge budget to land this amazing tech device, the many new features that it comes with makes it a very healthy purchase that will serve you a lot of good in the coming years.

iPhone 12 mini

If you are more interested in getting a portable phone, then you should go for the smaller option of the iPhone 12. Unlike the one discussed above, this phone has a weight of 135g and shares similar features and specifications as the one discussed above. The outstanding feature of this phone that has made it one of Apple’s top choices in the market today is the smaller design that makes it look more appealing. Another reason that has got many people talking about it is that it is the first of its kind from the Apple Company. Up until now, there’s no record of Apple releasing a mini version of its products.

Just like it is everything good in life particularly tech devices, buyers must be willing to invest a lot. However, it is very important to consider the features, specifications, and model of the phone you are buying. The list of phones that have been outlined above are regarded as the market’s top choice because of these three major considerations. Yes, it may cost you a fortune, but these phones are worth every penny spent on purchasing them.

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